Friday, March 6, 2015

Aftermath of Purim

it is 9:30 a.m. in the holy city of zefat.   I just got finished picking up discarded props and costumes from the garden where there was a karaoke Purim party last night.   I ended up having a full 11 people at my table.   I was able to find last minute guests.   I panicked a bit that I didn't have enough food so I started cooking another pot roast and another package of chicken wings.  I shouldn't have because there was plenty of food left over as the kids weren't interested in eating.

it's all good.   I have less work to do today for Shabbat.   the house is clean and I just need to make some fish.  I will rearrange my Purim closet on Sunday.   we were winding down our meal when my kids came home.  I was pleasantly buzzed from the sangria and helped them find costumes.  my friend's kids were very well behaved.  it was a sunny day and all the kids were playing downstairs in the yard.  I put all 3 doggies on the porch because I couldn't stand listening to the barking.

one of the guests was a 3 year old girl.   she and the granddaughter hit it off immediately.   they were so well suited to each other.  neither one has a sister.  it was a pleasure not dealing with the kids.   my young friend was happy being downstairs with two young ladies.   the daughter-in-law was also pleased being with her own age crowd.   they all left early in the day to do all sorts of fun Purim activities so I was free to do my own thing. 

I got to hear the megillah without any distractions and I got to set my table as elegantly as I wished.  no paper plates this year.  I set out all of my real dishes and glass wine goblets.  clean up was arduous but I was still under the influence of the sangrias so I was happy.   I went downstairs after my guests left and joined in on the barbecue.   they had lamb chops and steak and all sorts of sausages.   I didn't eat a lot but I did taste everything.  my son and a friend finished off a bottle of jack daniels.   they weren't the worse for it.  they were very freilich.

Purim was really a pleasure this year.  every one got to do their own thing.  everyone was in their own groove.   everyone buddied up.  I sang show tunes with a gal pal.  I felt no pain.  everyone had a blast and now I have to go downstairs and be with the kids for a while.  Shabbat shalom!

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