Friday, May 23, 2014

Just Woke Up

it is 10:00 a.m. in the holy city of zefat.  i got up at 7:00 a.m. and went straight upstairs to check out the pigeon situation on the porch.  i read online a tip from a handyman, who swears by WD40.  he apparently uses it on everything, including his body, for various reasons.  i don't even know if they sell WD40 here, but i was sure ready to buy some.  as ready as i am to get rid of these pigeons once and for all, after i read another blog stating all the risks and health hazards of using the aerosol can and the contents itself; i decided to go the 'organic' route, once again.

this time i read that pigeons don't like spices.  i use cinnamon all summer long to keep the ants at bay, but it is way too expensive to use on the vast roof top apartment.   i  grabbed my hot paprika and started sprinkling it liberally on all perches.  i actually got some in my eye but thank goodness, it wasn't WD40.  let's just wait and see if it works.  these pesty birds have turned me into an angry, shrieking bird terminator.  even the grand kids scream at them when they see them on our roof.  the little granddaughter always asks to go upstairs to see them.

i've been in bed  all week.  that last trip to do the MRI completely knocked me out.  i didn't shower, or get dressed this week.  i reek!  even the grandson told me that i should use some of his perfume because i smelled bad.  he got off the couch to bring me the bottle and demonstrate how to spritz oneself.  that is pretty awful, i know.  i guess i'll wash up before shabbat.

even more awful is the fact that i couldn't buy food for shabbat.  i never made it to the bank to order checks last week and i was out of cash.  i told my son that i couldn't afford to make shabbat for them.  how awful is that!  guess what?  the kids went shopping last night and bought the food for shabbat.  i am now the hired cook instead of the hostess with the mostest.  it works for me.  they bought the fish, treats, drinks, beer, and veggies this week.  they even gave me some chicken breast to play with.

i fried up some cutlets already and stuffed some red peppers with meat and rice.  i can't decide if i will bake them or cook them on the stove top.  what heavy decisions i am faced with.  my sister invited me to come over to see my new grand nephew yesterday.  i couldn't manage it.  i am a failure.  i stuff my face everyday and avoid people.  i haven't seen my good gal pal in a couple of weeks.  depression anyone?  i made an appointment with the homeopath and then cancelled it because i couldn't be bothered getting dressed.  i also didn't have anyway to pay her.

i need to wash the floors and i just started throwing soapy water all around.  i stopped for a break.  my hip is stiff and my foot is numb, as usual.  i've been emailing people all week.  people that i don't really know.  i'm in that type of communication mode.  i can't stay on the phone because i get antsy.  i guess it's the discomfort i'm experiencing from the sciatic condition.  i am in a recluse kind of state.  i spend countless hours watching 'dexter'.  i haven't seen people all week long.  escapism is good at times.

one of the people that i've been emailing is a newcomer to zefat.  a "young" 67 male who is looking for a wife and a laundromat.  he says he's 'between wives'.  what exactly does that mean?  is he a serial husband?  someone forwarded a letter he wrote to the english library requesting a welcome committee.  i sent him some suggestions on how to meet people.  you know, local shuls, the chabad house, keruv institutes.  it took all of my strength not to offer to wash his clothes.  i actually, apologized for not inviting him for shabbat, as i didn't think i'd be cooking this week.  what is wrong with me?

i still need to do the floors, cook up the corn, make the fish, make some salads and i should do a bit of laundry.  i lost my groove.  i think i'll call up a friend and spend sore more time chatting and the heck with the cooking and cleaning for a while.  whatever..........

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