Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thanks It's Almost Shabbat

it is 6:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.   i have had the kids with me for most of the week after school.   i'm tired.   i made a matzoh brie for the kids for supper.   it didn't go over so well.   the little girl didn't eat hers and the little boy left most of his lying around so the dog ate it.   a little while ago, the little girl came into the kitchen and upchucked all over the floor and me.   she seems fine right now.   who knows what she did to herself while i was in the kitchen.

i took the kids to a local park and as usual, the little one wanted to go home and the big one wanted to stay. we were close to home when the little boy realized that he left his 'trash pack' sticker at the park.   i had the little girl in my arms at the time, as she wanted to be carried, and i had to climb back up 2 steep flight of stairs to get back to the park.  as it turns out, i left the girl's sweater at the park.  the mother will have to drive over when she gets home and pick it up.

these kids are tired.   i am too exhausted to give them their nightly bubble bath.   i can't wait for their parents to get home and take their kids.   i have put the kids to sleep all week long.   the little one had a virus all week long and was very feverish and very testy.   it was hard dealing with her.   she kept wanting to go downstairs and as soon as we got there she wanted to be upstairs.   this was life for me all week long;          dragging this little rag a muffin around in my arms.

i couldn't go to my weekly torah class or see my adult girl friends, either.   today, a couple of gals came over to make a mock commercial video.   we spent about 2 hours on it in the living room.   we finally 'wrapped' at noon time and i served tuna sandwiches and ice cream afterwards.  i ran down to the super at 9:00 a.m. to get some things for shabbat.   the kids will be here for lunch.  i was hoping to go out for shabbat but you know how it is.

i bought fresh corn, a few potatoes, cherry tomatoes, pitas, and some beer.   i don't know what i am going to cook yet.   i have chicken breasts, wings and chopped chicken in the freezer.  i was thinking about making mashed potato kugel and chicken cutlets but i can also go with grilled wings.   i'm also thinking about chicken meatballs and mashed potatoes.   i bought some hamburgers for independence day next week.   i still have wings, franks, liver and chicken breasts in the freezer to use for a barbecue, if anyone cares to make one, besides me.

i am too too tired to think right now.   we've gone through most of the ice cream already and i've gone through most of my allotment this month.   i can't deal with these kids any more.  my son just called to ask if i was in a hurry for him to return.  ya think!   i've been with these children for hours and days and weeks now, so their parents can go to work.   i want to go to work.   i want to be out of this house, too.   i am tired of watching humpty dumpty.

i have 4 medical appointments this month.   i'm not up for travelling so much.   i went to get the medical papers sorted out and it was all one huge balagon.   i have no patience to deal with it.   on sunday, i'll go back to town and complain to the manager.   i'm not expecting any resolution to the problems in the least.   i stopped off at my friend's today for about an hour.   she hurried off to the super and i made it home in tome to take care of the little kids.

i am worn out.   it feels like the chronic fatigue is back, after a few months of a break.    i should go back to the homeopath but i don't have the funds right now.  oh well.........

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