Thursday, June 7, 2012

Don't Stop Me Now

it is 11:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. i just went down to see the new tenants. i was babysitting for the kids, when they arrived. the daughter in law went for a walk and the son went out to dinner with a friend. i put the grandson to sleep and watched a bit of t.v. i just got back and already i had 'requests'. more hangers and dish towels were needed. who dries the dishes nowadays, anyway? and then we had the remote control questions and where is the key question.

i have been very worn out from the job lately. i usually fall apart as soon as i come home. yesterday, i caught up with my laundry. i needed to do most of it before the folks settled in, today. i was in the middle of the washing cycle, when my son called to ask if i could babysit. they had a wedding to go to. i had no time to hang out the wet clothes. i left all of the undies on the washing machine to dry.

i put the grandson to bed at 9:00 p.m. i left the baby in the living room in a toddler seat, watching t.v. she wasn't ready to sleep. i gave her a bottle and a little while later she was fast asleep. i also, passed out on the sofa, while watching 'law and order'. the kids got back at 1:00 a.m. i got a ride home. i live about a five minute walk from the kids, but i was exhausted. i ate about a hundred sandwich cookies at the kid's home.

i got up at '6:00ish' and walked the dogs. i then went downstairs and mopped the entire apartment. i didn't dare start with buckets of water. i threw in another load of laundry. i hung it all out to dry. i brought up all of the other clothes. i still need to put it away. the laundry rack is standing in the hallway, right now.

i quickly showered and got dressed and caught a ride to town. i was locked out of the kitchen. i left my keys and uniform at home. the good can opener was in the uniform. i bought another good opener on my way in to work. i woke up one of the yeshiva guys and he found the duplicate keys. i went into mass food mode. there were a lot of leftovers. perhaps, they are getting sick of my food. i found a bag of apples and a few oranges.

i wanted to make an apple cake. i wanted to make an apple kuchen. there was no sugar. we were low on eggs. there was no salt. i got a buchor to buy me salt. i decided on makimg a sweet noodle kugel. i used up the last of the spaghetti. i threw in about 12 eggs, so this sucker, wasn't dry. i made a fruit salad out of the apples and oranges. i cooked up a ton of quinoi. no one touched it. i didn't bother cooking eggs today. i made a sweet tahina paste, using a bit of someone's personal stash of honey.

the boys were all out and about. the tables and chairs had been left outside last night. i simply left the food on the counter, and ran over to the seniors' center. i returned at 1:00 p.m. and decided to prepare a cold lunch. i opened 2 huge cans of tuna and cut up pickles and added mayo. i also opened a huge can of corn but left it in a mustard vinagrette sauce. the vegan doesn't eat eggs during the week. i heated up the barley mushroom soup from last night, but no one except the rabbi, partook of it. i also heated up the rest of the spaghetti from the night before. that went.

i cooked up a vat of diced potatoes and added it to the vat of bulgar, left over from last nite. i couldn't care less if they eat it or not. the thrill is gone! i made a cabbage salad and split. i don't work on fridays. thank the Lord!!!! i told one of the boys to clean up after i left. i also had them put away the supplies that had just been left in the hallway. in the past, i would have stayed to deal with it. not any more, baby.

my son called to ask me to pick up my grandson from gan. i caught the bus and scrambled to pick him up on time. i taxied us home. i let him play with water outside in a little pool. he peed in his pants and pooped in the front yard. he was rather proud of not pooping in his underpants. i felt a bit pressured to finish up downstairs but i didn't panick. when he left at 5:00 p.m. i went back into work mode.

i brought down all of the kitchen items from the upstairs apartment, and washed the kitchen floor. the tenants were thrilled at the cleanliness. they will be out for shabbat, thankfully. i hope to get paid tomorrow.

the kids are coming for shabbat meals. i am not bothered at all. cooking for 3 is a breeze. i will hit the supermarket in the morning. i also need to do a real cleaning job upstairs. i hope my energy will last a little while longer.

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  1. Did I miss something ? And I'm glad did if you have kesher again with the kids. But please do not let them use/abuse you again. You can babysit. Do it for free if you are so inclined, but at the least they should both say "thank you" and a hug/kiss would also be appropriate from all. And when they do come for Shabbat, it is correct for them to offer to bring/make something whether It is absolutely needed or not - and it is your choice to say @no I have it all under control". Even if they bring flowers before Shabbat -wine,challah,candy or chocolate. Anything to show appreciation and joining together in a symbolic fashion .
    Don't get me wrong dear friend, I am thrilled for you in this new change of family structure.
    Work-ask the boys to rate which foods they enjoy from what you make so you can rotate those foods. Tell the director that there have to always be Basics on hand at all times-and not that you go out shopping/shlepping !
    Basics being bread,salt,sugar, noodles of various types, EGGS, veggies. You give a shopping list BUT if you are asked to shop/shlep then you should get paid more money or at least taxi fares home. There is emotional enjoyment (sipuk in Hebrew) from working and earning money, but if you are so physically drained when you are finished you cannot enjoy what you have earned!