Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Fun In The Sun

it's almost 11:00 a.m. in the holy city of zefat. my most favorite t.v. show, 'medium' is almost on. i have a huge day ahead of me. after 'medium' i will start to move.

i spent the day in the pool with sahar yesterday. he came up to seek out 'tata' bright and early, around 8:00 a.m. i changed his diaper and gave him a bottle of juice because i was out of milk. i got him ready to go and took him for a walk to the local pharmacy.

it was already way too hot to walk but i didn't have the patience to wait for the bus. i didn't have the stamina, either, to push the stroller onto the bus and take him out of it. i've done that lately, and it is quite the chore. i needed to buy 3 birthday gifts so i headed to the 'new pharm'.

i bought a pretty package of bath soaps amd gels for gal's sister who had a birthday last week. it came with a scrubbie and a little purple shelf. i bought a package of bath gels for gal's mom who turns 50 this week. it came with a little wooden scrub brush and two scents. i also bought a package of lavender bath gels and bath salts for my gal pal who turns 61 today.

she's meeting in town with a couple of friends for 'coffee and'. i really should make an effort to join them. i don't have sahar today. his grandma miriam is going to shlepp him around the outdoor market. it is way too hot for me to shlepp around, myself. i'm even too tired to take the cover off the pool and jump in. i got a pretty good burn yesterday. i don't want to chance another one today.

later on today, there is a dedication of a new sefer torah at the boy's school for the rav who died last year. he was an incredible man and school manager, who really died too young. gal's mom asked me to join them there. the boys are in the choir and are carrying torches for the long march. i am sort of obligated to go. what a long day i have. i never go to town on wednesdays, shuk day in zefat.

i was sort of planning to catch up on my laundry. the repairman was here yesterday, replacing a part for the maytag. it cost me over 1100 shekels. he did give the maytag a good bill of health. he maintains that it can last a life time if i have it serviced every few years. there is no way, for sure, that i could ever afford another maytag in my lifetime. if this ones dies i will have to use my daughter-in-law's israeli model. i bought it second hand before their wedding. a lovely chabad couple were returning to the states so i bought their washer and dryer and fridge, which were only a few months old at the time.

i also, want to check out one of the supers downtown. i once saw 4th of july napkins there. i doubt that they still have them but you never know. i have found new year's plates, and easter napkins and even christmas napkins there. maybe they will have something with the american flag. i haven't been able to find red, blue and white sprinkles. there aren't any blueberries or strawberries either, to make a flag waving cake. i, actually, checked these things out on the internet.

gal wants me to make a lasagna for saturday night. they originally, were planning a cook out for gal's mom's birthday. shabbat ends pretty late these days. the last thing that i want to do is make another lasagna. i usually do this once a year. i did see real lasagna noodles in the same super that has the funky napkins. you know, the long ones that are curly on the edges, that you actually cook. i've been using the huge, oblong cardboard like noodles, that don't need precooking, for years. they fit 3 to a layer. now, do i spring for the real noodles and work harder than usual? i don't even know why i'm bothering. gal's mom won't eat lasagna. she's morraccan. she does have the occassional slice of pizza at a party but she would never taste my lasagna.

since, i'm not so certain about this lasgana idea, i will wait to buy all the cheeses. we are talking about a lot of expenses, here, too. i could start to make the chocolate molds today. i still have some really awful white chocolate left over from gal's sister's bris. it's not so easy to potchker when it's so hot. i really just want to go back to bed and forget about the coffee klotch at 2:00 p.m. and the sefer torah thing at 5.00 p.m. today. i also, want to stop staring at all of the laundry lying on the master bedroom floor.

i think the honeymoon with paco, our new dog, is over. he stinks and has been peeing on the rug downstairs. gal is not a dog lover and zvi, the collector, is never home. he recently joined a local soccer team. between work and learning and sports, paco never sees zvi anymore. this morning, i searched all over the house for paco. he was nowhere to be found. i was convinced he ran away. i finally found him in the third floor apartment. he was lying on the rug. i sure hope that he didn't pee on the rug. he is having a rather hard time with cloey dog. she tortures him. cookie dog is much easier to get along with. i need this third dog like i need a hole in the head. i am doing sponger, like, every day, now. are we having fun yet?

i was invited to a wedding in bnei brak tonight. guess who isn't going???

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