Friday, April 29, 2011

Shabbos Kodesh

it's nearly candlelighting time in the holy city of zefat. shabbat comes in, in an another hour. i had sahar with me until about half an hour ago. i managed to cook and prepare shabbat meals while he was watching t.v. in his playpen.

i took him out bright and early to the grocery store. i needed to buy a sweet challah and some yogurt. i ran to the same store last night, right after being told that the kids would be here for shabbat. i had just come home from town at 6:00 p.m. i was kind of hoping to go out this weekend. i can't seem to catch a break. anyway, the shabbat food is warming on the electric platter. the two last minute cakes, that i made, are rather horrible.

i wonder if i forgot to add the sugar to the brownie cake. the batter tasted a lot better than the end result. the fruit bars aren't much better. the recipe suggested dates and nuts. i threw in shredded coconut and some cocoa at the last minute. i didn't have any vanilla extract in the house so i used a natural almond one. i used way, too much. i guess i should have just bought a cake while i was at the store. the kids prefer the store bought junk to my whole wheat cakes, any day.

i made a lot of variety today to kind of make up for pesach. i made sweet and chili chicken, fried chicken cutlets, baked sweet potatoes, assorted lentils and ming beans, white rice, stewed fish in a lemon curry sauce, and fresh corn. i also made a hot and spicy cooked tomato relish, that the kids like so much. i made some fried eggplant slices and baked garlic cloves. i bought chumus and made chopped eggs and avocado. and of course, i made cooked beets with lemon. you can't have shabbat without them.

sahar was in an eating mood today. i plied him with milk, melon, boiled eggs, yogurt, fresh corn, chicken cutlets, and potato sticks. what a pleasure to see him stuff his little chubby face!

tomorrow is shabbat mervorchim. the shabbat before the new month. i got a lot of psalms to read tomorrow. i hope i'll get the chance. i wish you all a wonderful shabbat! i need to jump into the shower, now!

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