Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Last Dance

it's 12:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. it is the last leg of the chag. i am on my way to the grocery to buy more potatoes. i usually don't buy things during the holiday. it has been my custom for many years. i think that gal will probably want boiled eggs and potatoes for tomorrow's lunch so the heck with tradition.

zvi wants me to spring for lamb chops but i am holding out. there are plenty of steaks and chicken wings in the freezer. i have already spent my 'wad' this holiday. i am trying to create more gourmet meals today, as i don't have sahar to deal with. i already made potted meatballs in wine and a plain chicken and turkey soup. not exactly the gourmand. i ran out of avocado so i made chopped eggs and fried onions. hope it will go over as well as the avocado has, all week.

i am making stuffed eggplant roll ups in a tomato sauce. i already sliced and salted the eggplant and made the fresh tomato sauce. i still have to batter and fry the eggplant. i'm supposed to stuff them with mashed potatoes. i don't have a toaster oven to bake these so i'll simply, leave them on the blech. hopefully, it will work out.

i also want to make a dairy blintz cake. this entails making loads of blintzes and filling each layer with sweetened cottage cheese. i sure hope there is cottage cheese still left to buy. i wanted to bake today but i gave my toaster oven to my sister. the small one, that i thought had never been used, seems suspect. better safe than sorry, as we say at pesach time. maybe i'll buy a store bought pesach brownie cake.

i went to bed very late and i woke up with a backache. the short walk to the grocery should help with the kinks. i'm already tired and i still have a lot to do, including washing the floors. i have about 5 hours more to fool around but i'm losing my focus. i need lots of patience to complete the tasks today. i'm losing my interest fast.

wish me luck. and i will wish everyone a happy pesach!

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