Wednesday, May 4, 2011

the waiting game

it's nearly 6:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. i've been waiting all day long for the return of the washing machine repairman. he came last week and fixed the dryer. i asked him to clean out the filters in the washing machine but it was already too late to do anything else. i don't know why i expected him to show up during the daytime.

while checking out the accordian shaped dryer pipe, he managed to break off the little shutter box, outside the house. he used some of my plastic chicken wire to cover up the large gaping hole. he actually told me, in all seriousness, that the green plastic chicken wire looked ascetic. it has been raining ever since. i'm not sure if it rained into the downstairs or not, as i haven't done any laundry since then.

the chicken wire is now hanging in the wind and the large hole is dangerously, exposed. we caught the rat on shabbat day. he entered one of the newer traps that i set with fresh salami. i really am not up for any more rats right now. the repairman told me that he would come at 3:30 p.m. i am not digging the wait one bit. it is almost dark and he said that the washing machine repair would take a bit of time.

i had asked him to also check out the dripping fridge. the guy comes all the way from haifa and i am expected to pay a large fee for his coming to zefat. i am ready to tell him not to come. i am beginning to get ticked off. it's not like i had anything to do or anywhere to go today. i guess, that i could have gone to town and checked out the open market shuk. i also could have signed in at the unemployment office, too. i hate waiting around.

sahar has been at his other grandma's all week long. i saw him briefly, for about 5 minutes this morning. i really am not so pleased about this. never the less, i could have gome back to aroebics, yoga and paltes. i had the entire week free. i, also, could have gone downtown and visted some friends. instead, i stayed in my robe and food binged all week long. i haven't moved from the t.v. area all week. i have gained an extra ton of weight.

on sunday night, we had holocaust remembrance day, here in israel. the only programming on paid t.v. was holocaust movies until late monday night. i stayed in bed and watched holocaust movies in english, french and italian for two days straight. i didn't leave the house. i think i'm in a bad state right now. perhaps, the homeopathic remedy has turned on me. i think i may need something stronger to get me out again. i did promise to go to the senior's center early tomorrow.

i am ready to start screaming at the repairman. i am not pleased one bit with him. why am i always his last stop in zefat? i think that he forgot about me, all together. last week, after i mentioned that i needed to leave my house by 7:00 p.m. he showed up well after 6:00 p.m. he also, didn't leave here until nearly 8:00 p.m. i'm getting ready to blow him off. i am getting more agitated by the moment. i need to relax. i'm not going anywhere, any time soon. so why do i feel so abused?

i lent my spare pesach gas stove to someone and it hasn't been returned, yet. this really grates on my nerves. why do people borrow things and not return them right away?? i'm trying hard not to get upset but my nerves are shot. all the sugar and ice cream that i've consumed lately, has gone straight to my brain. every little thing is getting on my nerves again. time for a new remedy, for sure!!

i hung out a jewish flag today. the independence day flags war has officially, begun. my neighbor has already put out over 32 assorted israeli flags. yes, i actually, counted every one of them. i only had one flag made out of some sort of stretchy material. luckily, i found it in the closet. i used to get some plastic flags in the jerusalem post, but i stopped buying the mewspaper, a long time ago. this one flag will just have to suffice.

well, the repairman just called and was ready to come right over, i asked him not to. i am exhausted and i didn't do a blasted thing today. i kind of whined to him. he promised to come again next week. i could have had him come now, but i couldn't suffer having someone visit now. i think i'm sick. my head hurts. another day gone to heck!

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