Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Who's Got The Liver?

it is 7:00 p.m. in the holy city of safed.  just got back from the small supermarket.  I ran down to buy some chicken liver.  the daughter-in-law wants some of my yummy liver teriyaki at the sheva bracha.  I wasn't planning on making any.  I made a small amount on Purim.   the daughter-in-law's married sister liked it.  l don't know about the rest of the clan.  anyhow, there wasn't any liver to be found.  perhaps some will come in tomorrow.  they are having their 10 shekel sale so I bought a package of dates, a 3 pack of 60% dark chocolate, 3 cans of Italian diced tomatoes, 2 cans of pickles and three gift items for my neighbors.

because they were so inexpensive, I need to buy something to supplement the gifts.  for example, a package of herbal tea to go with the 2 ceramic mugs and  a package of some exotic spice mix to go with the spice jars, etc.  I don't know why I keep on buying chocolate. I'm on a diet and my 7 year old grandson has temporarily sworn off chocolate.  I started my morning with banana pancakes.  one mashed banana and two beaten eggs and voila!  they were actually very filling and had the consistency of real gluten pancakes.  I will make them on pesach and serve them with honey.

the repairman came over with my new plastic toilet tank.  I entered the guest bedroom and decided to put up the new wallpaper border.  I ripped the old one off last week.  this new one is a cheap contact paper kind.  it actually ripped in a few places but who's starring up at the ceiling, anyway?  my new self, who doesn't strive for perfection anymore, was delighted with the results.  I was quite frightened to climb the ladder.  I couldn't make it to the last rung.  the task ended up being very doable.  I am glad I pursued.  while the plumber fiddled in the bathroom, I put up the border. 

when he left the bathroom was trashed.  I decided to clean the bathroom and the guest bedroom with buckets of water and bleach.  I managed to take out the bedroom windows.  putting them back in was a bit harder.  I wonder how much longer I will be able to do this in the future.  I took down the curtains but didn't wash them.  no one eats in the bedroom.  a friend uses it when she stays over on Shabbat and holidays.  I store sheets and blankets and old baby clothes in the closets.  the room is usually vacant.  recently, the kids played havoc in the room; sliding off of mattresses and hanging out of the windows.  my screen got tossed out of the window and I couldn't put it back without removing the heavy windows.

I need to strip the bed and do a lot of laundry. it is supposed to rain for the next few days.   every year I do my windows and it rains soon afterwards.  I don't really care.  I don't feel like waiting to the last minute to do the windows.  so now I have to put away the Purim costumes and props and wash the floor of the computer room.  I have already done the windows.  I still have the master bedroom to tackle.  that's a hard one.  I have tons of clothes strewn all over the room.  the bed is covered with dog hair and the dog ate part of the foam mattress.  I don't have a functional vacuum so I use a lint brush.  I'm not looking forward to this task.

the main part of the kitchen is done.  the closets have been wiped clean.  all of the candlesticks and most of the Judaica collection have been polished as well as the silver spoon collection.  the 1939 world's fair spoons have never looked shinier.  I didn't do the living room windows last year.  I can't lift them anymore.  I doubt that my son will have time to help me.  the room is basically clean.  the cut-glass and fake flowers have been washed.  the wooden furniture has been polished. 

when the grandkids are not here I can get a lot done.  it took me about 6 hours to finish the bathroom and guest bedroom.  yesterday, I spent the afternoon out in the playground with the kids.  I was quite tired and decided to spend 'quality' time with the kids.  when I try to do tasks in another room all hell breaks out.  it was warm yesterday and the kids had the playground to themselves.  I guess the rest of the moms were cleaning.   I bought myself a lovely salad at the bakery and got the kids some barekas.  I bought some gnocchi but the kids just picked at it.  I ended up eating a huge plate full and didn't feel all that great afterwards.  I wanted to eat a chocolate bar or two but luckily, I fell asleep before I could do more damage to my body.

my new, non perfect self, will wear a dress that I wore 8 years ago to my son's wedding.  although I weigh about twenty pounds more, I cannot afford to be vain.  I cannot, also afford a new outfit, hat ,wig or pair of shoes.  my new motto is 'it's good enough'.

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