Thursday, June 9, 2016

Countdown To shavuot II 2016

it is almost 1:00 a.m. in the holy city of zefat.  I have been working all evening cooking for Shabbat and doing prep work for Shavuot.  I managed to make a broccoli soufflé,  pot of fricassee meatballs and chicken wings, and a white cake for Shabbat.  the cake was a colossal mess.  it was supposed to be in the shape of the tablets of the 10 commandments.  I bought the mold years ago when I could still successfully bake.

once again, the cake looked done on the top but was a bit raw in the middle. I managed to flip it over and put it back into the oven.  it stuck to the cookie sheet and totally fell apart when I tried to remove it.  I was going to chuck it all into the garbage bin but I didn't.  I thought about the 2 cups of sugar, 4 eggs, 3 oranges and cup of oil that went into the cake.  I cut it into huge chunks and dowsed it heavily in powdered sugar.  I will serve it tomorrow night.

I went to the large supermarket at noon and bought a bag of frozen broccoli, a few bitter sweet chocolate bars, 2 packs of minced turkey, 2 focaccia breads, a huge bottle of American grape juice and 10 rolls.  I had wanted to buy fresh cauliflower but there wasn't any.  I should have bought a nice lettuce but I thought about going to the supermarket near my house to buy a cauliflower.  I thought that I had bought some chicken bottoms but I couldn't find them anywhere in the kitchen when I got home.

the big kids were starving around 11:00 p.m. so I fried up some chicken cutlets.  I guess I won't be serving schnitzels tomorrow afternoon.  I have some franks in the freezer that I can give the little kids when they come home from gan.  tomorrow is a big day.  I need to make the tiramisu desert, bake a cheese cake, and make the lasagna.  at least I cut up all of the cheeses today.  I was hoping to make the sauce tonight.  oh well....

my son is still downstairs filling up this gigantic pool that he bought.  they also got a swing set and 'designer' patio chairs and table.  all the plastic chairs and two plastic picnic tables got schlepped up stairs to my courtyard.   interestingly, there are only 4 chairs downstairs now.  I guess I'm not included in my own backyard anymore.   the kids scooters are also up here.

downstairs is now a designer 4 star hotel and my place is a storage dump.  I told my son not to fill the pool to the top because it's way too deep for the kids.  you have to enter the pool by way of a ladder.  there is no way that I'm climbing a ladder and jumping in.  there is also no way that I am going to let the kids go in when their parents aren't home.  I think the pool goes up to my neck and I'm 5 ft 6in. 

the kids spent well over a thousand dollars and I am so hard up for money it pains me.  I blew a small fortune on food for the holiday.  entertaining my friends is going to be awkward now.  I truly don't like the kids attitude at all.  they live here rent free and deny me making any money on my property.  forget paying me for babysitting.  and now it's their backyard.

if I do decide to use the pool, I will need a proper bathing outfit.  long tights and a very long top.  I can't imagine climbing out of the pool at all.  the old pool, that is still in the storage area, was easy to climb into.  it was only thigh high.   we live next door to a public staircase and have absolutely no privacy.  I told my son that I was concerned with people seeing the new pool, furniture and swing set and thinking we struck it rich.  my son says I'm a downer and he doesn't want to speak with me.

meanwhile, their door cannot be locked because the daughter-in-law broke the key in the door last week.  they of course, did not call a locksmith.  I replaced the lock the last time they moved out.  similar story, bent keys.  they also need to call the plumber to replace a sewer pipe in the boiler room before the rats begin to climb in and a water pipe under their sink before the cabinets rot away.   they made the outside look luxurious but I'm the one who pays for the gardener on my own.

I already steamed the cauliflower for tomorrow.  I am going to melt a combination of creamy Greek cheese and camembert.  it will be topped with bread crumbs and baked.  I already made cheese latkes and they are in the freezer.  I couldn't find any salad greens except for curly lettuce at the little supermarket.  it limits my presentation of the pear, walnut and goat cheese salad I planned on making.  I also didn't buy a pear so I might use grapes or the mango I bought in the maul at the hospital in tel aviv. 

I still need to boil the cheese ravioli and make a sauce.  I made a caponata for the first time in many years.  this recipe only called for eggplant, onions and capers.  I remember the first time I made this it called for a dozen ingredients that I didn't have.  I have a bit of heartburn from tasting it.  I haven't had any real solid food all week and especially nothing oily. 

I don't think I dropped an ounce this week.  I hardly ate anything to day at all.  I had watermelon, and a few grapes and a cucumber and a tomato.  I feel like I'm on a fast.  I even walked home from the large supermarket.  I actually flew home.  I guess when you are only eating fruit and veggies you get a high.  I am beyond tired.  my son got the swing set put together and it will take a while for the pool to fill up.  he's been working on this since 8:00 p.m.

I just went downstairs to see everything.  my son called me to come down.  it is freezing downstairs.  I guess the heat wave broke.  It feels like winter.  oy veh!  I have to admit the swing set is really comfortable.  it's facing the pool, which is very high so you can't see who's in the pool.  it is also white and I commented that it will get filthy.  I can't help it, I'm practical.  my son is assembling the ladder as I blog.

my biggest concern at the moment is : should I use the packaged golden breadcrumbs or make my own out of stale bread and butter.  the recipe calls for golden breadcrumbs.  I also can't decide if I should make a cream sauce for the ravioli or a tomato sauce.  my grandson asked for a cream sauce. my daughter-in-law doesn't go for the cream sauce.  I'm using the plain cheese ravioli and not the mushroom and cheese kind because my friend doesn't eat mushrooms.  she also doesn't eat sweet potatoes.  the daughter-in-law prefers the sweet potato ravioli but without a cream sauce.

I am going to sleep.  I have a long day ahead of me.  I have to wash the kitchen floor again because we are having a major ant infestation.  I ran out of ant spray and have been killing these hard working pests with windex.  I will finish my cup of tea and sign off.  it's already 2:30a.m.

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