Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Are We Having Fun Yet 2016?

it is 11:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  I just got back from town.  my friend did a performance at a local café/supper club in the old city.  I got some money from my friend at the old age home when I helped bring her to the bank.  that little bit of gratuity helped pay the gardener this month.  I have exactly enough money in the bank to give a wedding check on Thursday night.  my friend's husband slipped me a hundred shekels today for Purim so I took his wife out to the café and paid for her dinner tonight.

I bought some chocolates and small bottles of grape juice to give out on Purim.  I am not baking hamentashen nor am I preparing a meal this year.  we are all going to the Sephardi family for Purim.  we can't really let our collective heads of hair down this year because we are obligated to go to our neighbor's wedding.  we cannot get drunk.  we cannot get outrageous.  I have the nagging suspicion  that my son will lose himself and pass out before the wedding.  worse scenario, I will go with the daughter-in-law.

I went to visit my old friend at the home today.  she was quite upset about something the resident social worker told her.  at this point I do not believe every thing that she tells me.  I try to have the head nurse confirm what is fiction and what is fact.  she marched herself right into the social worker's office and I followed behind.  se was having trouble getting the words out so I intervened.  the social worker attacked me.  she got upset and asked me not to speak to him any more.

I tried to get the idiot to show some compassion and try to speak to my friend in a softer manner.  he discussed his problems with me and I showed him no gratitude.  I also told him not to talk about this in front of my friend.  she isn't deaf.  he later came to complain about me to the head nurse.  I thought I finally had my friend calmed down.  her departing words to me was not to speak to the social worker again.

I tried to find shoes for the wedding.  I found a pair that looked nice but was a tiny bit snug around the toes.  the next size was enormous even with inserts.  I didn't buy the shoes and I'm very frustrated.  perhaps I can borrow a pair of my daughter-in-law's flats.  I got the day off today and didn't have to pick up the kids.  I had an engagement party at the local chabad  synagogue at 7:00 p.m.  I stopped off in town to get a present for the bride.

we got there and it was virtually empty.  we then helped put out salads and such and left right after the bride came in.  we wanted to catch the bus to town.  it was freezing.  luckily, we caught a taxi.  I had a lovely dinner and a hot chocolate with amaretto.  tomorrow is a fast day.  I am home with the kids tomorrow.  at night we go to the synagogue to hear the megilla and then I have a Purim party in town.  this year's theme is dead rock stars.  I wanted to channel bowie but I'd rather be a Katie Perry wannabee.  how fun!!

I bought some dried coconut and crushed peanuts to make rum balls.  I have a stale chocolate cake in the freezer and a bit of brandy so I will do my best to make these treats tomorrow.  I already made a pitcher of sangria for tomorrow night.  I was thinking about making a potato kugel to bring to the family for Purim but now I am thinking about not doing it.  I don't want any obligations.  I have to watch the kids on Thursday, too.  I will probably take them to a kids' party in the morning.  I tried on my outfit for the wedding today.  it's not that bad. I was able to get new pantyhose that actually fit.  I have black feather earrings just to give it that touch of Purim.

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