Thursday, August 20, 2015

Home Sweet Home

it is 7:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  I got home about an hour ago.  the bus ,which is on holiday schedule, got stuck in the middle of a street in Canaan.  the bus driver honked incessantly for a while to try to get the owners of the cars, which were blocking the road, to come out and drive their vehicles away.  he wouldn't allow the passengers to get out of the bus, either.  we sat there for a good 40 minutes. normally, I could have walked home but I had a heavy 2 burner stove to bring home.

I might have a short term renter so I went out and bought another stove.  a family staying for a few days, broke my daughter-in-law's stovetop so she took mine.  I've been cooking with gas, once again, since Pesach.  electric burners do take forever to make meals.  I got up very early this morning to go upstairs and straighten out the apartment.  it needed a sponger so I washed the wooden floors.  someone from the yeshiva group, staying downstairs for a few days, was using the upstairs to have coffee breaks.

I asked my son to bring up the bedframe and mattress and of course, I was met with a lot of resistance.  he brought up the frame but of course, he didn't bring up the mattress.  I will have to schlepp the mattress up in the morning because the lady is coming to see the apartment. I would like to make the bed up and run to the supermarket first thing in the morning.  I have to watch the kids tomorrow as well as cook for Shabbat.  I need to buy dog food and I have a million beer bottles to return.

I can take the kids with me in the morning but it is easier if I go alone. they always want to stop at the playground and then they always want treats at the supermarket. it's faster and a lot cheaper if I go alone.  again, that depends on when the young lady is coming. I hope she decides to stay for a few months.  I can sure use the little bit of rent money.

this morning I waited here with the kids until their teenage aunt could come to babysit.  I took a taxi to work because it was almost noon when I got myself together. I defrosted chop meat to make chili but I knew that would have to be for their dinner.  I didn't have enough time to cook it by 2:00 p.m. that is when I serve the lunch.  well, I don't actually serve it. I bring it into the dining hall and leave it on the electric hot plate.  the guys come to eat any time afterwards. they are mostly polite and always thank me for their food.  I explained to them that I was not a chef. I told them that I was only a Jewish mother cooking for her 25 boys.

I thought about making a tuna fish and macaroni salad for lunch.  I needed something else for those who don't eat fish.  I thought about making buckwheat groats and onions.  I found two packets of instant couscous and decided I would make a vegetable medley with sauce.  I had a few carrots, potatoes, onions, and squash and I added a few tomatoes. I usually add pumpkin and cabbage but that is what I had in the kitchen.  the guys loved it.  they also loved the tuna fish salad and hard cooked eggs, that I made at the last minute. 

it took another two hours for the chili to finish.  I browned a lot of chop meat and added it into the chili mix.  I only used kidney beans this time.  the last time I added chick peas.  I made a large pot of rice.  the guys love rice.  they aren't so keen on pasta. I made a huge Israeli salad but I didn't dice the veggies tiny.  I didn't have the strength.  I washed the floor and went home.  I stopped at a local super and bought the electric burners and headed for the bus.

I am exhausted.  I was hoping to get out tonight for the last night of the klezmer music festival.  I will take a shower and crawl onto the t.v. couch.  I am wasted.  I just had a few dried dates and a slice of cantaloupe. I had some eggs this morning. the kids didn't eat theirs.  it was hard to eat them. I have been drinking milk with cinnamon.  I read that cinnamon helps lower the blood sugar.  I haven't had much of an appetite in this heat. I did have a taste of the couscous and tuna salad.  they were both very tasty.

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