Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Pressure Is On

it is almost 10:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  we just finished breaking the 25 hour fast of tisha b'av.  everyone has a headache.  we are in the midst of a horrible heat wave.  I stayed upstairs by myself today.  the kids didn't come up to see me.  I guess it was a special treat for them to have both of their parents home all day. I watched one holocaust film and a few videos.  I slept quite a bit.

we have renters coming on Tuesday.  we need to catch up on our laundry and make 'pesach' downstairs.  the daughter-in-law is at it downstairs.  my son is his usual nasty self after his fast and is threatening not to help with anything.  he needs to set up the pool tomorrow and we need to buy certain things for the pool.  we need a new cover, chlorine tablets and a new filter. we also need to to buy two florescent light bulbs for the kitchen.  I will probably have to stop off in town after work and buy these items.

I start a 3 week stint at the yeshiva tomorrow cooking for 25 American young men.  my daughter-in-law doesn't have anyone to watch the kids tomorrow.  she was depending on me even though I told them both on Friday that I have a job.  I told her many months ago to put the kids in day camp.  I refuse to get more hot and bothered than I already am.  I am already dreading taking the job.  the kitchen is hellish.  the poor full time cook needs 7 hours to prepare two meals there.  I used to do all 3 meals in 7 hours.  the old kitchen was at least air conditioned.

 I offered to call a friend to come by tomorrow to help me out but the daughter-in-law didn't agree to it.  I am officially out of it.  I just washed my floors because they were trashed over Shabbat.  we will all be sleeping on my floor tomorrow night.  I have 3 bedrooms on my floor and two working showers and toilets.  the main problem is the dogs. the puppy is still not trained and the house smells like a kennel.  I have been leaving the puppy on the porch on Shabbat so he doesn't get into fights with my two elderly bitches.

I might have to sleep with all three dogs in one of the smaller bedrooms.  I have to make sure that the dogs don't go downstairs while we have a family there.  it is all a lot of pressure.  I will need to put all of my stuff away in my bedroom tomorrow.  it is gong to be tense.  I hope that the family doesn't freak out not having air conditioning downstairs.  I told the kids months ago to install a small one in the master bedroom for the renters.  why should anyone listen to me.

I was hoping to be scarce.  I don't want to interact with anyone. I need to clean up the garden tomorrow.  it is covered in doggie poo.  I am getting extremely nervous.  we need the rental money but it is going to be intense next week.  if I didn't have the dogs it would be a lot easier.  I am seriously considering bringing the puppy to the pound tomorrow.  he is too destructive.

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