Monday, July 13, 2015

Hot Town In The City

it is 7:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  the grandkids are taking a bubble bath.  the dogs stink.  I really should bathe them afterwards.  the kids actually showered at the clan's house earlier and really don't need a bath. it's just another 'activity' for them.

the older kids, a.k.a. the parents,went to another town to check out a new supermarket.  I haven't had to take care of the kids lately.  I would love to be relieved of this duty for the rest of the summer.  I have very little patience for them.  just now I screamed at the boy to stop playing with the shower head and nearly lost my voice. it's exasperating.

I made a cheese sauce for the macaroni.  I thought I had turned off the gas.  well, I hadn't, so I had to make another batch.  lucky for me I used a non stick pan.  I really cannot stand being with the kids anymore.  can a grandmother actually say this?  I am hot and need a cold shower.  the big kids will probably come home really late.  once they are out of the house they run free.

there have been a couple of major scandals in zefat of late.  one heard about a city worker absconding with the allotted food from the animal shelter.  rumor had it that a dog had eaten another dog.  it is pretty barbaric at times here in zefat.  we also heard about a prestigious rabbi who 'absconded' with some wives here.  it is not looking so good for zefat's reputation.

a couple of friends are planning to make a ladies' nite in a few weeks.  it is to commemorate the 15th day of av.  it is the 'Sadie Hawkins' day for religious female Jews. it comes a few days after a grueling fast day on Sunday.  we are planning a mini concert and finger food buffet.  I am probably going to make some more sangria.  all we need is to bring in a crowd.  that is not easy here in zefat.

living up here in the boonies is not easy. people cannot commit to the 10 minute bus ride.  I usually pay people to come here.  I am not doing much for the evening.  i'm through with organizing and publicizing events. I am pretty much through with everything these days except for food.

I would like to ask my readers to write and email to the mayor of zefat encouraging him to straighten out the business with the animal shelter.  if he would hear from people in America it would really turn him around.  please drop an email to mayor shochat <> let him know that you follow life in zefat on zelda's blog.

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