Thursday, January 29, 2015

No Tu b'shvat Seder This Year

it is 10:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  I have already made the chicken and fish meals for Shabbat.  I defrosted some turkey meatballs and artichoke hearts from the first snow day a while back.  as I previously wrote, I spent the entire day cooking and baking.  I have leftover lemon cake and orange poopy seed cake in the freezer but the big kids don't like leftovers.  unless they read the blog, they will never know that the meatballs are not freshly cooked.

I went to town to buy veggies for Shabbat and fruits for tu b'shvat.  I have a brochure to make a Seder in Hebrew.  I persuaded my son to perform such a Seder on Tuesday night for the little kids.  it entails reading Hebrew torah passages and eating 15 items that correspond to the passages.  I always make a Seder for ladies and provide 30 varieties of nuts and fruits.  I just can't do it this year.  I took out my recipes and notes and put them back in the closet.  I just don't have the strength or finances to make a big deal this year.

I truly hate to disappoint my ladies but I don't have it together to perform and lead a Seder.  I didn't really think that anyone still wanted to come.  this one has gum problems, and this one is on a diet and this one goes to bed early,etc.  I actually had 4 people wanting to come that I know about.  I guess I could have invited a few more ladies to round out the table but I just didn't go for it.  I've been doing this for 25 years or more.  I just couldn't summon any inner strength.  I am tired.  I've been tired since I came back from the hospital last week.  I've had a head cold that doesn't leave.  I'm just plain worn out.

the weather, which fluctuates from extreme cold to extreme warmth, is playing havoc with our immune systems.  I am never feeling energized.  I am eating way too much, which doesn't help the situation in the least.  although I've kept away form sugar this month, I've recently started on the dried fruits.  every year at this time, I lose control and gain a ton of weight.  it always starts after tu b'shvat.  I found some lovely new recipes too, but it costs a small fortune to create them.  I am keeping it simple this year.  I say this but I still spent nearly $100 today.

it is supposed to rain tomorrow.  we had a summer like day today.  l went to town coatless.  I have a few errands to take care of on Sunday.  I have a few more fruit items to buy.  I need to settle my accounts at the water company and city tax office.  it's a lot of running around and a lot of paper work and of course, a lot of money.  I am thinking about  Pesach.   I just want to skip Purim and go right to the main event.  I recently had the roof repaired and am finally rid of the pigeons.  I need to clean out the roof one of these days.

I just need strength.  I am planning on baking a crust less cheesecake tomorrow.  it is one of those simple, no fail recipes, using vanilla pudding and whipped cream.  the kids love it.  I usually make carob brownies and some coconut dish but not this year.  perhaps, i'll do some baking next week with the leftover tu b'shvat dried fruits.  I bought many packs of prepared chestnuts to make my famous tu b'shvat soup but I ended up eating all of the chestnuts for snacks.  I bought chocolate raisins and two types of fruit leather that just might make it to tu b'shvat.

I can't come up with a supper menu for after the Seder of fruits.  one year I incorporated 30 varieties of fruits and nuts into our Shabbat meals. it was amazing!  the Thai lychee coconut chicken stir fry was the most crazy I went.  my lychee fried donuts were pretty cool too.  and how can you forget the non gluten, sugar free, carob coconut soufflé I made for a friend with food issues..  I just can't do it again.  I'm played out.  I had to control myself from adding prunes and dried apricots to the chicken today.  my head is definitely into tu b'shvat.  my heart isn't truly involved.  the rest of the body is tired.

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