Friday, July 4, 2014

Just Another Shabbat Kodesh

it is 9:30 a.m in the holy city of zefat.  it is the first shabbat after the horrendous discovery that our righteous teenage boys had been murdered.  we were all reeling form the tragedy.  i received several emails form friends that were meant to comfort.  i guess i was in denial for most of the time the boys were missing.

i went to an out of town wedding last night in netanya.  the son of good friends got married.  he is considered to be a bit of a chassidic genius and was married into a good family.  he was kind of 'adopted' by the sanz dynasty.  it was a very sentimental occasion.  we used to live together in the absorption building downtown and we indeed, spent many a shabbat together.

i got 'spiked' by some one's very high heel early in the evening.  it was way too crowded to dance.  i took a spill on tuesday afternoon.  i had washed the floors early on in the day and there were puddles of water everywhere.  the kids weren't home so i simply went back to bed to rest.  it was pretty hot.  later in the evening my daughter-in-law came up for some tomato paste.  i try to keep a lot in stock.

she asked me why there was so much water on the floor.  i usually throw down a bunch of shmattas to absorb the excess water.  i stayed in bed and directed her to the pantry.  she didn't find any so i jumped out of bed.  i took an immediate slide in the water and landed on my back.  somehow, my big toe attached itself to my leg to break the fall and i think i sprained my toe.  i also hurt my knee.  what a klutz i am !

i spent the evening catching up with an old friend,  she suffers from dementia.  she actually knew my name this time but she doesn't remember what we discussed 15 minutes earlier.  she seemed rather well, actually.  her care giver was quite anxious all night.  i don't think i could deal with her, myself.  at one point she walked miles a head of my friend and beckoned her to keep up like you would a puppy or small child.  my friend felt abandoned and went onto panic mode. .

i put my arms around her and shepherded towards the bus.  i shouldn't judge the care giver.  i'm sure my friend is giving her a run for the money.  she has always been a domineering figure.  it's hard to see her this way now.  but i guess it's par for the course at our age; or so it seems that way.

i  babysat my grandson up until about half an hour before the bus came to pick me up.  i rushed into the shower, threw on my clothes, and applied a bit too much eye shadow.  i never got to brush out my wig after applying conditioner.  i had a fake gold necklace that i wanted to wear.  i cleaned it off and forgot where i placed it.  i was really off my game.  i knew the crowd at sanz would be dressed to the nines.  everyone wore black.  i had a navy skirt and white top.  the only thing that more or less fits these days.  my friend called me from the bus stop. i was a few minutes late.  i  ran out of the house.  i was a pool of sweat in just few minutes.

i spent the morning cooking for shabbat.  yes, once again, i'm making shabbat meals for us.  i managed to make a small pot roast, a fried eggplant salad, a cooked tomato salad and some coconut banana cupcakes.  i have both children with me today.  my grandson just wasted the last of the tooth paste and put it in an envelope. last week the girl slathered the toilet seat, her hands and feet in colgate.  what a waste!

i am pretty tired this morning and really don't feel like cooking anything else.  i was planning on making stuffed peppers.  i don't have any rice.  perhaps i could fill it with wheat berries or barley.  i'm just not in a culinary kind of mood today.  i think i might just make some pasta.  i want to make some broiled chicken for lunch but i have two chickens frozen together in a container.  i don't feel like making that much.  i guess i could cook it all up and then eat it all week long.

i need to make a salad.  i was planning on going to the supermarket early this morning to buy some drinks and lemons.  we make salads with oil and lemon in this house.  no one likes vinegar.  haven't had any in the house in years.  i grabbed some green lemons off the tree and made some lemonade.  i have enough to make some salads.  the kids are being wild and i'm not up for it.  there's tooth paste all over the bathroom floor.  the kids are playing in a bubble bath right now.  it gives me a bit of a time out.

i guess we all are off our mark this summer.  the kids miss the gan and i miss being out in the world.  the poor families of the murdered boys have to get through shabbat after burying their children.  i guess i'll take boredom over all.  tonight is my english birthday.  although i celebrated my hebrew day with the kids last week, i invited a friend to come over for shabbat to make a small celebration.  i thought we could have a beer or some wine and include another friend.  we should all hear better news!!!!!!!  shabbat shalom!

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