Wednesday, June 25, 2014

School's Out Forever

it is 11:00 a.m. in the holy city of zefat.  it's been a while since i posted.  i've been busy with the grand kids. next week the boy's gan officially closes for two months.  it is going to be a long, hot summer.  safta zelda is going to be spending a lot of time with the boy.  safta zelda is not all that patient and creative.

two weeks ago i took the boy with me on a really hot shabbat afternoon to visit my family.  my niece and family are here from delhi.  i got to see her 4 kids plus my nephew's new baby.  i hadn't seen my niece since the family wedding, right after i came home from cancer treatment, last year.   it was a pleasure to see the new grand niece and grand nephew.  is that even a word?  it wasn't a pleasure being so overweight.

it was hard navigating with my grandson.  it was a long, almost 40 minute, walk to the chabad housing project.  i didn't take a stroller.  he is not a big walker.  he is used to being chauffeured everywhere.  it was not an easy task getting him there.  he didn't have a nap that day and neither did i..   he had a real meltdown once he arrived.    he didn't want to wear his shorts anymore because they were too tight.   he also wanted his shirt and kepa off, too.  my niece found some schmattas for him to wear and he quieted down.

he wanted to see his long distance cousin, mendush.  mendush was no where to be found.  my grandson wasn't all that thrilled to be with his female cousins.  one of the girls asked him his name.  he told her that it was a secret.  apparently, this almost to be 5 year old, doesn't like little girls.  i took the three kids to the park downstairs, and kept them occupied for a couple of hours.  when we got back my grandson passed out.  in all fairness, i think, he had a fever.  he was burning up all day.  his mother didn't really care.  she was happy to have him out of the house.

towards the end of shabbat, mendush showed up and we woke up sahar.  they ended up playing nicely until shabbat ended.  luckily, a neighbor had donated a bucket full of lego and play house toys.  we took a cab home as soon as shabbat ended.  i haven't seen or heard from my family since.  it is really hot, and it's a lot of people and kids to navigate.  i'm thinking about filling up the pool next week.  we could have pool dates.

my birthday falls out on motsei shabbat.  i already told the kids that i'd like to go to tiberius near the pedestrian promenade along the lake.  we could have a pizza or something.  i really do not want them to throw me another surprise party.  i want to spend my special day (night) with my immediate family.  i wanted to make a party on sunday for my friends but the whole sephardi clan is going to hadera for a wedding.  i went to the henna extravaganza and i don't feel like going to the wedding.  they are taking my grandson so i am stuck babysitting the granddaughter.

there is a memorial musical evening for the 20th anniversary of the passing of the lubavitcher rebbe on sunday night.  i'd love to go and enjoy an evening out alone.  i should just tell the kids to shlepp the girl with them but i won't.  i  picked up my grandson at 2:00 p.m from gan yesterday and had the pleasure of his company until his mom came home.  they had an end of the year party at the gan at 5:00 p.m.  they left me with the girl and didn't return home until nearly 11:00 p.m.  i managed to put her down early but i wanted to be in my own space and chill out.  i wasn't informed that they were all going out for the night.  i expected my son to come home from work at 7:30 p.m.  whatever..........

i was actually, exhausted yesterday because i had taken a long walk in the heat.  i started walking a few days ago.  i am at my all time highest weight.  i look awful.  my stomach is as large as an expectant mom's.  i am in no shape to work out but i decided to at least, start moving the body again.  i am not doing speed or power walking.  i am simply going outside and taking a leisurely 40 minute walk.  i am also trying to cut out food binging.  i am trying to maintain some kind of social schedule, too.  i have been in bed for months with my latest sciatic attack.  i am coming out.

my back is pretty good these days.  my leg is still problematic.  i started feeling that the chronic fatigue was slowly going away.  i had some energy.  i went upstairs and tackled the pigeon problem.  i did a pesach cleaning job.  the place was trashed.  there was pigeon poo on the wooden floors and in the bathroom. everything was dark brown from a year's worth of dust.  i cleaned for hours.  i still haven't finished the floors but the balcony is clean and pigeon free.  bravo!

i have 2 ladies coming for a week at the end of july.  i gave them a ridiculously, low price.  i needed the money now.  i can't think about how much the realtors are asking.   i don't seem to get one over on anyone.  i am brutally honest.  i am not going to spend any money on this.  what i have in terms of household items is what they get.  i will put out a bit of tea, coffee and sugar but nothing more.  the space upstairs is lovely.  there is even some air.  they have the a.c unit too if it gets bad.   we don't have a.c downstairs.

i finally went to get a blood test yesterday.  it's been well over a year since i checked it.  i made a point of walking to the clinic and returning by foot, too.  they checked my blood pressure and urine.  of course, they wanted me to do a mammogram.  as i explained, i do a pet scan in another couple of months and that can find any sort of problem.   i never did the MRI on my back.  i can't be bothered.  maybe i 'll order one in august.

i had an appointment to see the homeopath last week but she cancelled.  i will have to survive without her right now.  i need to keep on going out, seeing friends, and keep on moving.  i have plans to go to a nearby wedding  tomorrow night.  i have a nasty eye infection in my weak right eye.  i am hoping it will clear up so that i can put on a tad of makeup.  i have no decent clothes because i've put on too much weight to fit into my nice clothing.   i don't have any money to buy some  moo moos.  i am just going to suck it up or in, in this case, and be a good sport and go to the wedding in a long skirt and loose fitting white top.  i am not going to turn any heads.  oh well.........

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