Thursday, May 9, 2013

Things To Do

it is 1:00 p.m. in the city of zefat.  the list of things to do is getting longer and most overwhelming.  right now,  i'm supposed to be going food shopping at the big supermarket for shabbat and shavuot..  i'm also supposed to be going to the clinic to pick up my blood test results.  this requires a 5 minute walk to the bus stop and a five minute ride to the area.  a simple 20 minute walk, has turned into climbing mount everest.

it is very gray outside, and quite muggy.  definitely, looks like rain.  as much as i don't want to be out in this weather, necessity warrants it.  if it does rain,  it will take one more item off of my list of things to do.   like watering the lawn.  up until now, we have received tons of rain and the garden never looked so flush, except for the lawn.  it definitely, needs watering.  that means using water, which means, paying a wad of money for the use. and of course, we still have the gardener to pay.

i managed to shower and get dressed yesterday evening.  i actually,  made it out to the small super below.  i had planned to make a shiva call at 8:00 p.m. in the artist colony.  i couldn't buy much because it was too heavy to carry back home.  i did buy cream cheese and sour cream to make a new york deli style cheesecake this year.  i couldn't find the right cheese for the lasagna, so i need to try the larger shop.    the kids asked me to make a cholent for shabbat lunch this week.  that means i need to buy chicken and possibly, some meat.  they are having another young couple join us for shabbat.  i would rather not have to participate but they might get offended if i don't come downstairs.

i didn't make it to the shiva call.  at around 7:00 p.m., shortly after i returned home from the super, my son came home with the kids.  the two of them were waiting for me on the steps outside.  my son asked me to watch them for a bit.  that is always risky.  first of all, it's hard for me to be with them at this point of my recovery.  i simply, do not have the stamina to run after them.  my grandson is also, very hyper and always manages to injure me with flying objects and sometimes, by just jumping on me.  the little one is also a head banger.  and then, i am always in danger of catching the wrath of my daughter-in-law for taking over for my son.

i finally made an appointment to do the pet scan on sunday.  i also made a doctor's appointment for  the end of may.  i feel like my life is hanging in the balance.  i know that sounds a bit dramatic but i am waiting anxiously, to know my immediate fate.  it was very hard for me to make the phone call to the doctors.  i was going to call my sister and ask her to deal with it.  since i've been home, i've kind of been on my own.  in all fairness, she did escort me to the doctors a few weeks ago.  i am planning on travelling alone on sunday.  i don't know about the follow up visit yet.  even though i've been ill for weeks, i still have been on my own.  i get the feeling that my immediate family is bored with all my ailments.  after all, a virus is not as exciting as cancer.  lets face it, cancer is a free pass.  and i use it wherever i go.

so i finally did my dishes.  the ants are back.  the rats are back.  and the extremely, annoying,  pigeons have come home ot roost on my bedroom porch and on the third floor apartment..  pigeon poo is not good for me right now.   with a compromised immune system, it is asking for trouble.  i sprinkled cinnamon on the sinks against the ants. they love clean surfaces.  the cinnamon  looks awful but it does hold them back somewhat.  my son and i plus cloey the pincher,  have bonded lately on many occasions in catching and killing a number of rats.  talk about your quality time together !!!

i have a ton of laundry to do and i need to clean the house.  i invited a few friends for lunch on shavuot day.  that's next wednesday.  i'm hoping i'll be able to rise to the occasion and manage  to bake both a cheesecake and a lasagna.  i was watching martha stewart today, and i saw some young cook make one.  it was too gross to think about.  i make a veggie lasagna using cottage cheese and grated cheese and tomato sauce.  i don't go for the bechamel sauce trip. it's hard to get mozzarella here in larger quantities and ricotta is very overpriced.  so i simply resort to lowfat cottage and any kind of pre-grated cheese.  i've never had any problems to date.

my biggest hurdle is my health right now and financial crisis.  i will survive!   i just have to take it easy for a little while longer. to be continued.........

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