Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

it's nearly 7:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. shabbat ended a little while ago. i made havdalah by myself on wine and i am a bit 'lit'. zvi just called to ask if there is any hot water. that simply means, that i have to turn on the hot water heater for them so that they can shower when they come home.

zvi was under the weather when he came home from work yesterday. i made him a pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice, gave him a flu remedy and gave him a bottle of vitamin c. he is still not feeling well. this means that i'll probably be sick all week long, too. i am just, so darn susceptible to the kids germs.

it isn't all that jewish to make new years' resolutions, but i have decided, anyway, to try and get back into shape. i hope to be able to get to the yoga class tomorrow morning. my back is aching. i feel like an 80 year old lady. being in the house all day long doesn't promote good health. i haven't made a yoga class in more than a month.

the lady from the other community center keeps calling me to pay up my membership dues. i haven't gone there since the summer. why doesn't she get it. i am no longer a member because i haven't set foot in the joint since august. there is no way that i am going to pay her a dime or a shekel, in this case. it is not the same as signing a years' membership contract at jenny craig's.

last night i fell asleep shortly after lighting the shabbat candles. i got up a couple of hours later and made kiddush and had my modest meal. i had two bowls of tomato soup, which was loaded with beans and chick peas and i had a pita with humus. i also, had some left over pumpkin and quinoa. i had a slice of the orange poppy seed cake for dessert and a hand full of pecans. i also had a lovely cup of honeybush caffeine free tea.

my paying guest presented me with two boxes of herbal teas. i hardly ever drink herbal tea but these are really nice. the guest is a really neat lady. we have similar life experiences but she is a real dare devil. she is a very active and independent lady. she is also very unassuming and totally undemanding. it's like she isn't even here. i am very lucky to have met her. i am definately, going to miss her.

after dinner, i read the hamodia newspaper for awhile and fell asleep again. i woke up at midnite with horrific pain in my eye. i hated to get out of my warm bed but i got up and made a warm compress. thankfully, i fell back asleep until morning. i woke up at 7:00 a.m. to let the dogs out. it was rainy. they weren't that interested in going out. i said the morning blessings and had a slice of cake. i then had about 4 or 5 cups of coffee but who's counting anyway?

i was engrossed in an article about a particular torah giant from the past when i heard a commotion at my door. it was my dear pal and her two dogs visiting. i had planned to daven and spend the morning catching up with my psalms but what could i do? i made some more coffee and gave the dogs some water. all the dogs went outside for awhile.

we hung out talking for a couple of hours and i got dressed and walked her partially, home. i got back at 1:00 p.m. and started to pray. i finished at 2:00 p.m. and then made kiddush. i had a pita with humus and olives and then opened a can of tuna. i gave most of it to the dogs. i wasn't really in the mood for water tuna. i had some more cake and coffee and then settled down to read tehillim.

i finished most of the book of tehillim and said mincha and had another coffee. i read the newspaper until shabbat was over. my eye is very irritated and i do not have any drops. this weather is definately, not good for my eye. unfortunately, neither is the heat, as it turns out. i am completely bloaded right now. i usually succumb to a food binge around this time on motsei shabbat. i think my thyroid is on the slow side. i am afraid to check my cholesterol, too.

my head is now on planning my tu b'shvat sedar, which will be in another couple of weeks. you may recall the elaborate dinner that i made last year for this holiday, when it fell out on shabbat. this year it will be back to the sedar of eating 20 different types of fruits and 10 types of nuts and drinking 4 glasses of wine. i'm thinking about not serving cake this year to begin the sedar.

i'm going with dishes of sweet and fruity cooked wheat and barley, instead. i'm toying with the idea of recreating the 'infamous' chestnut soup. only a few guests were here last year to sample it. i'm now thinking about making a flourless fruit cake for dessert. i can't wait to check out the web for recipes!

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