Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Getting Ready

it is 8:30 p.m. in the holy city of safed.  I've been cooking and baking all day.  I am freezing meals for my return home from the brain surgery.  I went to the supermarket this morning to buy cleaning supplies, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, tissues, toilet paper, laundry detergent and softener, soap gel and plastic containers.  I even bought a set of 84 disposable plates, cutlery and cups for Pesach.  I guess I'm looking forward to the future.  it was also half price.  if I don't make it home the kids will have lots of food while they greave me. 

I read that one gains a bunch of weight on the steroids after the surgery.  I hope by having lots of healthy snacks and food I won't get too fat.  I made a batch of non gluten corn bread muffins.  I only got 8 out of the batch.  I had one this evening. it wasn't bad.  I didn't add any sweetener. I did swirl a bit of honey on the tops.  I also made 9 apple carrot muffins.  I don't know why I didn't get an even dozen.  I made another batch of oatmeal bars.  they also have no added sweetener and only a half cup of died cranberries.  they are quite filling.  I bought some kind of frozen blue berries in the supermarket.  I will make muffins tomorrow.  I think I have a bit of whole wheat flour left.

I made saucy tuna steaks and string beans, vegetable soup with green lentils and chick peas, grilled chicken legs with pomegranate and prune sauce, saucy potted chicken, beef and vegetable black bean soup, barbecue grilled chicken, and turkey meatball veggie soup.  I want to make some chopped chicken liver and mango and curry grilled chicken wings. I brought in my mezuzahs from this floor to be checked.  I still have another ten to bring in.  I would like to invite the kids for a Shabbat meal but I'm afraid of the rejection.  I think it's best to wait for them to ask me.

Saturday night is the first night of Chanukah.  I made plans to ago over to my friends on the next block.  we'll have latkes, and fried donuts.  I bought ingredients to make a cheesecake.  perhaps i'll make a greek salad to bring along.  my mother's yirtseit is on Monday night.  she died 8 years ago on the third day of Chanukah.  I would like to make a small party here but I'm sure the kids are busy or working.  it never seems to work out.  I bought tons of Chanukah stuff for the grandkids.  I have Chanukah chocolate coins, sticker books, coloring books, two kinds of musical dreidels, new slippers, and a new game.

while I was on the phone I left a very strong heater on in the kitchen.  somehow, it got turned around and was leaning against my very beautiful mahogany cupboards.  they got burnt and luckily I came into the kitchen before they actually started a fire. I don't think that this is the time to see about them being  restained and varnished. I will simply, hang a kid's picture on them to make it look homey.  I feel so stupid and careless.   this is the sort of thing that gets one committed to the old age home.

the dogs are scratching again and I am picking off ticks. I can't believe those buggers live in this freezing weather.  I better buy new flea collars tomorrow.  just one more thing to do while I'm in  town.  next week I have to do blood tests, an EKG, and a chest x-ray.  I wanted to see a lawyer to get my name put onto the deed.  I also want to prepare a living will. I made an appt. to see a social worker.  perhaps that can be done at the hospital.  it's all so dreadful to think about.  I'd rather cook and bake food than decide if I want to remain on a feeding tube in the eventuality of being incapacitated.  are we having good cheer yet?


  1. Hi Zelda,
    I read your blog. What a drag having to cook and think about your own mortality. Think positive thoughts and I will think about you across the world in Canada.

  2. Hope you're doing well and have a complete refuah. All the best Zelda.