Saturday, February 21, 2015

Snow Day

it is 6:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.   Shabbat just ended.   we had another snow storm yesterday.   this was supposed to be the 'big' one.   ever since last year's big storm we have all gone into panic mode every time they forecast snow.   we were house bound for several days last year.  the worst was losing power during Shabbat.  it was freezing.   the kids went over to the neighbors' house for some warm drinks and heat.  they use a woodstove.  I couldn't climb over the mounds of snow so I stayed inside.   the neighbors heated our food on their stove so at least we had a warm lunch.   people in Jerusalem lost power for days.

this winter people bought out all of the shovels, generators and kerosene and gas heaters in preparation for the 'big' storm.   I made sure to have gas balloons on hand in the event of a power outage.  I have left on the gas for the past 3 shabbatons to insure that we would have hot water and food.  we were fortunate not to have endured an outage.

yesterday morning the sun was out and we had an hour to play outside in the snow.   I managed to throw a few snowballs at the kids.  the big kids came out for a short time to take selfies.  they looked more like they were vacationing in aspen than living in zefat.  I was enjoying the sun, sitting in my robe.  I didn't look like I was in aspen.  no one took a selfie of me thank goodness.

as much fun as the kids had outside, it was torture inside without hot water for showers.  no one had turned on the water heater.   not having central heating is a drag.   I was pretty tired and didn't feel like doing much.   I had done some of the Shabbat cooking the day before.   I seem to do my best food awaiting a snow storm.  it was so cold that I dreaded cutting up salad.   I made some potted turkey balls and chicken cutlets because I didn't think we had enough stewed chicken.   I made mashed potatoes and macaroni because I didn't feel like grating potatoes to make a kugel.   I didn't have the patience to make rice either.

 I had wanted to make a Sephardi dish with green lentils and rice but I didn't have any lentils in the pantry.  with pesach so close I don't plan on buying any grains or legumes.   I made a small tray of brownies at the last moment.   I only had a cup of whole wheat flour left.  I had bought some chocolate filled hamentashen but they weren't that good.  I had gone to the supermarket with the kids and daughter-in-law on Wednesday evening.   I went to a place that takes head checks.   I didn't know my way around the store and it was difficult to buy what I needed.  we only had one cart between us and the kids were being wild. 

I had hoped to be able to buy what I needed for Purim but it didn't happen.  I will have to go back down town by myself.   the granddaughter threw a major tantrum because she wanted a kinder egg.   you know those horrible chocolate covered plastic eggs that have tiny toys inside.  she screamed forever.  being on line at the check out counter was hellish.  she even pished on the floor to boot.  it was horrendous.  on the way out of the parking area the daughter-in-law backed onto a car.  she lost it.  I felt sorry for her.   before we had left for the store, the laundry room had flooded.   she had to sponger out a lot of water after coming home from a hard day at work.

I had thought about asking her to take the kids to her mother's before we set out but I didn't.   I do not like going with the kids to the supermarket.  the next day I ran down to the supermarket nearby at 7:30 a.m. to buy a few things that I had forgotten the day before.  I had the kids with me as the gans closed early.  I made red lentil soup and tuna burgers for lunch.  we were all pretty cozy.  I had gotten a repairman to come to snake the pipes.  I thought we were all a head of the game.   my daughter-in-law did a laundry and the laundry room became flooded once again.  this time both big kids cleaned up before they made a last minute run for the super.    they didn't like the way I spongered.   they came back pretty soon because it was beginning to storm.

I was happy for the little kids having a day to themselves with their parents.   it hardly happens.  no one bothered to make a snowman.   the big kids weren't into the snow.  I'm  in no shape to make snowmen anymore.  Shabbat was pleasant but truly cold.  I had 3 heaters going but it was never warm.   today the little kids raided my Purim closet and dressed up all day long.  i'll have to get the Purim/blog room in order by next week.  I have been weeding out costumes and props as well as books from the room.  I hope to get rid of jackets and coats from the closet before pesach.   I am on a quest to declutter.   I have been throwing out manuals for all sorts of things that are no longer in existence.  it feels good. 

I'm not in a Purim state of mind.   I am very overweight and don't feel like dressing up.  I am hosting the Sephardi clan once again and it is always a drag.  this year there will be 4 kids running around and a newborn crying all day.  I always have dinner ready at a set time and no one arrives at set time.   everyone runs around with candy and ice-cream and cake and the meal doesn't get going until hours later.  I invited a couple of my friends last year and it was not a good mix.   the karaoke was too loud and it was just one big balagon.   it's better just not to invite anyone else.  I know that I will not enjoy the day.   I used to love and live for Purim.  not anymore.  after Purim its pesach cleaning with little kids home from gan.   tu b'shvat was killed for me and now I'm losing Purim too.

I no longer buy bottles of rum for Purim.  besides the exorbitant cost, I haven't seen any in zefat.  my legendary rum balls are now extinct.   my rum chocolate ice-cream parfees are in the past.  my pinna  coladas are ancient history and so is Purim for me now.  I might still make the clown lollypops but I will not be making any hamentashen this year.  I also have no expectation of having any fun or being creative.   I want to buy cocktail franks for the event.  it's such a simple thing but one that is very out of the ordinary here in zefat.

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