Monday, February 10, 2014

Out On The Town

it's 8:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat and i just put the granddaughter to sleep and came back upstairs.  the mom took the grandson to a kids show in town.  i had it easy today.  the mom bathed and fed the girl before she left.  it was an unseasonably warm day so i washed the floors.  i haven't been in as much pain lately so i've been able to perform simple tasks again.  for instance, i made shabbat meals last week.

i baked two loaf cakes, made 7 salads, two types of fish, one chicken ball soup and a beef and chicken cholent in under 3 hours.  i was on fire.  it was pretty cold in the house so i needed to use a space heater to keep my hands warm so i could prepare the meals.  i had the grand kids with me for a short time while the daughter-in-law picked up the son.

it's a lot easier having the grandson here.  he can keep himself occupied and i don't have to get down on the floor and play with him.  i certainly don't have to chase after him anymore.  i find it a lot easier to fill a tub with bubbles and let him soak and play for a while than manually shower him.  i usually keep him company while he bathes.  sometimes, i stay in the t.v. room outside the bathroom and watch a show until he's ready to get out.  of course, i help him get out and dry him off and help him into his pajamas.  it's easy to put them both in the bath instead of showering them,too.

my computer is on the fritz so it's chancey blogging.  i can't really download anything without it disappearing.  i need to get the repair man over but i doubt that i have the money right now.  i haven't made it over to the social worker with my medical travel receipts in ages.  i simply, can't get it together.  i desperately need the money but i'm in a bad head space.   i sleep a lot and seem to be in a continual fog.

i want to go to the big supermarket tomorrow because i heard that they're having a huge sale.  i applied for a supermarket credit card just to get the bargains.  i know they will not give me the card because i've already been rejected 3-4 times.  i might just get away with the 50% discount tomorrow.  we'll see.  the kids were having a ball on saturday dressing up in costumes. i dressed the boy as a lion and the girl as a pineapple.  later on, he put several costumes on by himself while i napped.  he had the pineapple suit on, the clown's pants, and the policeman's shirt all under the lion suit.  he also had his fleece training suit on under all of these items.  he felt no cold.  he even put on a soldier's beret.

while i napped, he answered the door, went outside and said some psukim with the local chabad teenagers.  he came back inside with a toffee and woke me up to let me see his candy.  i saw that he was incredibly overdressed so i laughed.  he really got a lot of use out of the bits and pieces of costumes that i've collected throughout the years.  i remember my son loving to play dress up too, some 20 plus years ago..

the women are having a purim party this week even though purim is next month.  i want to have a purim party on the night before the actual purim but i don't think  i'll be able to get anything going.  i'm already thinking about purim day.  i doubt that i'll be making rum balls this year.  i don't think i'll get to making hamentashen either.  i'll buy some bakery goods.  i'll make the purim chocolate molds for the kids and buy some candy.  i'll host the meal or co host it with the sephardi clan.  the son wants to invite his firends and get wasted.  he wants to do a kareoke evening.  i'll buy some good quality booze and dress up and get laid back.  i'll make spicy barbecue wings,  and hot dogs in dipping sauce.  i'm thinking of making stuffed shells with chop meat.  i usually make meatballs but i think the shells might be a welcomed change.

i have  put on a huge amount of weight so i really need to lose it before purim.  i am simply not motivated.  i live in robes.  i look awful.  i was on the south beach diet before tu b'shvat but once i started eating dried fruits and carbs i went nuts.  i have to get myself in check once in for all.  i have to stop eating everything in sight.

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