Sunday, July 21, 2013

Back To Normal

it is 8:30 a.m in the holy city of zefat.  i just went outside to take a glimpse of what the neighbors are doing on their house.  i saw a crew of workers come yesterday.  i heard a bit of noise but as it was pretty hot outside, i refrained from going out to snoop.  not that i really have the money to build, but  i was none the less, going to ask these guys for an estimate for stairs.  anyway, when i did slip out this morning,  i was rather surprised at what i saw.

i noticed that their pergola was down and there was three stories of scaffolding.  i didn't know if they were painting or adding jerusalem stones.  i saw my neighbor and started to ask when i finally noticed that the garden between our houses that served as a green wall was completely gone.  these jerks, without any permission cut down shrubs and trees.

i  spent friday morning cooking, baking and washing the floors.  i felt  pretty tired by late afternoon.  it was like i couldn't move at all any more.  it was hot and i probably over did it.   by the time my son came home from synagogue, i was too tired to serve.  my daughter-in-law came up with the kids and i kept up with them.  i rose to the occassion, as usual,  like i always did before i got sick.  my grandson didn't spend the night with me.  i think i looked rather pale, and my son suddenly became protective of me.  he kept on asking me if i felt faint.

i wasn't dizzy or faint.  i was just plain tired and tuckered out.   i think i went to sleep right away.  i was too tired to read.  my grandson came up about 6:00 a.m. or maybe 7:00 a.m.  i was too groggy to really notice.  i got up at once to give him milk and date honey and some cheesecake.  his father came up next, followed by his mother and baby sister.  my son started asking me again, if i was okay.  i guess, i was still looking a tad pale.  he even asked me if i over did it.  that must have been a first for him.  he's gotten so used to me putting out for them, that i think it finally got to him that i may not be as strong as i used to be.

the kids left today for eilat.  they will be gone until friday.  i volunteered to watch the grandson for a couple of days.  what was i thinking?? there are a group of teenagers at the other family, way more energetic, than myself to chase after a 4 year old.  after all, i did have the pleasure of his company almost everyday last week.  i had him for 14 hours on wednesday and 14 hours on thursday.  i also had my share of the kids during the fast.  i guess it's back to normal for me, being the shlepper.  i will have to take him back to the clan tomorrow before my concert.  i have to travel to tel aviv on tuesday to see the neurosurgeon.  i think i offered to keep him on wednesday and thursday, too.  what was i thinking??????

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